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If your front teeth are aged, chipped, cracked, stained or stopping you from smiling for the camera. The close hands-on work with the onsite technicians and the dentist we as a team create veneers designed to match your natural dentition and renew teeth to look as good as new, to your taste.

We aim to attach the ceramic onto your original tooth enamel. We take off very small amounts of your enamel to help the veneers stick to your original teeth. (This is like adding artificial nails onto your own nails, in this way you really do not need any injections, as it really does not hurt).  This can be the most effective way to strengthen and preserve natural teeth in your mouth, if they are chipped.

This treatment can straighten your teeth and whiten them permanently in a single day of treatment if you would like this Deluxe Same day: Our instant smile transformation!

Because we have a dental practice and laboratory all under one roof, patients can have a whole set of veneers expertly colour-matched and fitted all on the same day.

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Broken or missing teeth, Poorly coloured crowns, Dentures Decay, Cosmetic concerns


worn chipped teeth before


all ceramic crowns after

This case is a heavily worn display of front aged teeth; the patient did not want anything artificial so he wanted to have the underlying colours come through to give a natural sense of depth.


old crowns metal bonded before


all ceramic new crowns

Patients enamel shell ceramic veneers made to hide the underlying colours and reintroduce an nice fresh whiter enamel colour and save as much of the underlying enamel as possible.


chipped ground teeth before


colour match all ceramic crowns after

This case displays very worn and through grinding chipped anterior teeth, previously filled. The new colour matched all ceramic crowns introduced a very healthy and natural look.


chipped front tooth before


all new crowns colour match all ceramic

Another case showing strong signs of wear and chipping of natural teeth. Whitening and the new Cerec crowns made the patient want to smile again, giving a still natural and healthy feel.

“I have just started my treatment with Implant & Ceramic Dental Studios and so far, I could not be happier, they really get to know you. I would consider myself an extremely nervous patient when it comes to dentistry but the whole team made me feel at ease right from the get go. I had my initial appointment with Tim May and Jo his dental nurse and they were so patient with me and explained everything before they did anything and made me relax within an instant. I have chatted with TJ over the implant side of my teeth and his knowledge is immense, his passion for teeth and caring for my end goal teeth really shone through. Most recently I have met with Dr Pana for occlusion work and finding out all about my long term clicking jaw was fascinating and certainly helped me make the right decision for my treatment plan. I highly recommend Implant & Ceramic Dental Studios to all, the team are great, the destination is so peaceful and full of countryside and the studio itself is so warm and welcoming – I have never been offered a cup of tea whilst I wait at any other dentist! I am so looking forward to continuing with my treatment, nerve free! Thank you.

Carly Michelle reviewed Implant & Ceramic Dental Studios — 5 star October 24, 2017


I have had a great experience with the Implant and Ceramic Dental Studios. I started my treatment with Vasile Pana who diagnosed issues with my jaw and provided a treatment plan. I required orthodontics which was also available at the practice from Diana Pana. I was then able to design and fit my veneers with the rest of the team. I am very happy with the results. A lot of care has been taken over my treatment, everyone has been very helpful and accommodating with appointments and it has been great to have all the work done under the same roof!”

Camilla Weston