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Miserden Dental Practice

Centre of Excellence in the Heart of the Cotswolds


Excellence in oral care is oral maintenance and aftercare. Healthy gums for young and old, is true protection to keep teeth and oral muscles healthy.

We make sure you spread your bite as evenly as possible and in harmony with your jaw joint. With continual preventive and cleaning hygiene appointments you are educated for ture oral self-care.

Places you cannot see in your mouth need to be highlighted for true cleaning. Peace of mind and knowing where to concentrate attention whilst cleaning your mouth at the same time, noting all early signs of tooth trauma and dental disease is true prevention and cost effective in the long run. Children who have hygienist appointments begin the highest standard of dental care young.

*PLEASE NOTE: You need to be a registered patient and deemed as dentally fit prior to joining our monthly membership plan.

Plan 1 – £20.00 per month

  • 2 x Checkups
  • 2 x Hygiene
  • Appointments
  • All X-Rays
  • 10% Off Treatments

Plan 2 – £32.50 per month

  • 2 x Checkups
  • 4 x Hygiene
  • Appointments
  • All X-Rays
  • 10% Off Treatments

Kids – £3.50 per month

  • 2 x Checkups
  • Oral Health Education

Price List

Dental excellence at competitive, transparent and fixed pricing
Treatment Regular Fee Members Fee
World Wide Dental Accident and Emergency Insurance whilst away from home N/A Included
Informal Treatment Consultation with one of our treatment co-ordination team or Head Technician to discuss your dentistry goals and options, face to face or over the phone £0 £0
Diagnostic Treatments
Treatment consultation with a Clinician, which includes; a comprehensive clinical examination, functional, aesthetic, cosmetic and bite assessment plus treatment options and full written treatment plan £150 Included
New patient dental health examination £85 Included
Routine dental examination £50 Included
Holistic Initial Consultation with Dr Zac Cox (Including 2 X-Rays) £180
Small X-Rays £18 Included
OPG Large X-Rays for all over view £80 Included
CT Scan per arch £120 £108
Emergency 20-minute visit excluding treatment cost £75 Included
Reopen clinic out of hours excluding treatment cost £150 £135
Occlusion Assessment and minor alterations (can use T-Scan, £150) £85 £76
Night Guard £150 £135
Care and Clean : hygienist appointments are 30 minutes for our registered patients and referral within the practice

Initial appointment with our hygienist (Direct Access, not registered with the practice) is 45 minutes with an introduction and dental history review
£75 (30min)
£150 (60mins)
£112.50 (45mins Direct Access)
2 Included Oral Health Plan
4 Included Platinum Plan
Oral care education session £20 Included
Teeth Whitening
Teeth Whitening with Home Trays £350
Top Up Trays with 4 syringes £150
Small White Composite Fillings £120 £108
Medium White Composite Fillings £160 £144
Large White Composite Fillings £200 £180
Holistic Amalgam Removal (SMART Technique) £300
Fissure Sealant per tooth £28 £25
Long lasting Inlay/Onlay that strengthens your remaining tooth and brings it back to life £400 £360
Root Canal
Emergency Pain Relief appointment - Root Canal £85 £76
Front Teeth £450 £405
Side Teeth (Premolar) £550 £495
Back Teeth (Molar) £750 £675
Single Tooth Implant to include Crown From £3,000
Upper or Lower Denture for replacement of front teeth on two implants From £5,000
Upper or lower replacement of front teeth on a bridge, palate free From £12,000
Bone Repair From £350
Top or Lower Teeth replacement a full set on four implants (up to six) Made with You From £13,000 N/A
Cosmetic Dental Treatments - Investing in your Confidence
Porcelain Crown From £690 From £621
Cerec Crown From £690 From £621
Re-Cement Crown From £75 From £67.50
Veneer £690 £621
Surgical Treatment
Extraction From £150 From £135
Full upper or lower acrylic Denture From £1200
Repair Denture 2 day wait From £40
Same day Denture repair From £75
Denture Cleaning service From £20
Anaesthetic & Sedation
IV sedation per hour £400 N/A
Prescription sedatives Included Included
Botox POA
Fillers POA

Missed Appointments and Cancellations

Whilst we understand that unforeseen circumstances are by their very nature unpredictable and can interfere with even the best laid plans, regrettably, a well-defined cancellation policy has become a necessity.

Should you wish to cancel or rearrange an appointment, at least 24 hours prior notice is required. Where this notice is not provided a 50% charge will be made.

Where traffic and other delays cause a patient to be late by more than 15 minutes we will do our best to accommodate this and reschedule a same day appointment. However, where this is not possible the missed appointment fee will be charged. Calling the clinic en route to advise of delays may help to avoid this.

We do not charge in full for missed appointments as a gesture of understanding that unexpected circumstances do occur, but we feel the need to enforce this token fee to avoid abuse of the flexibility we strive to provide.

Payments and Finance

All other fees are to be paid at the end of each visit.

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