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After a Dental Assessment by our Restorative Dentist Dr Pana, one of his treatment proposals could be orthodontics to protect your teeth in the long-term and make them look great.

Our practice policy is to save as much of your tooth structure as possible. This can follow an initial examination when treatments are obvious and your jaw is in the correct positions; a bone-to-bone relationship between your jaw joints and your teeth.

Quick tooth movements into a position that may contradict your jaw joint position can lead to aesthetic teeth that do not work in function against one another in the long-term.

This is why we recommend an Occlusal and TMJ State of Play Report to be safe for your treatment.

Tooth movement should be prescribed by a dental professional that has monitored your treatment closely, (based on the amount and position of your bone as your teeth roots move). This is because your roots need to move safely within your bone and at the same time make sure your roots do not accidentally dissolve during their movement. This is why it is so much better to move teeth the bone is growing. Tooth movement during bone growth takes the bone with the tooth in a directional change dragging new bone behind the pathway of root movement. Early bone movement before tooth extraction and tooth movement in children is highly recommended from as early as 11, long before tooth movement should be considered.

Is a specialty of dentistry that deals with the diagnosis, prevention and correction of badly postioned teeth and jaws. It can also focus on modifying bone growth, known as dentofacial orthopedics.

Abnormal alignment of the teeth and jaws is common, nearly 30% of the population has malocclusions severe enough to benefit from orthodontic treatment. Treatment can take several months to a few years, it involves the use of dental braces and other appliances to slowly move the teeth and jaws around. If the malocclusion is very severe, jaw surgery may be used. Treatment is usually started before a person reaches adulthood since bones can more easily be moved around in children.

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Recommened for bone expantion before during bone growth phase.


Braces are usually placed on the front side of the teeth, but may also be placed on the side facing the tongue (called lingual braces). Brackets made out of stainless steel or porcelain are stuck to the centre of the teeth using an adhesive to your teeth itself. Wires that are clear or metal are placed in a slot in the brackets, which allows for controlled movement in all three dimensions.

Apart from wires, forces can be applied using elastic bands, and springs may be used to push teeth apart or to close a gap. Several teeth may be tied together using brackets and different kinds of hooks can be placed to allow for connecting an elastic band.

Clear aligners are an alternative to braces and Dr D Pana uses the 6 Month Smile technique

Book your orthodontic assessment direct £100 refundable if you have treatment!

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