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Excellence in oral care is oral maintenance and aftercare. Healthy gums for young and old, is true protection to keep teeth and oral muscles healthy.

We make sure you spread your bite as evenly as possible and in harmony with your jaw joint. With continual preventive and cleaning hygiene appointments you are educated for ture oral self-care.

Places you cannot see in your mouth need to be highlighted for true cleaning. Peace of mind and knowing where to concentrate attention whilst cleaning your mouth at the same time, noting all early signs of tooth trauma and dental disease is true prevention and cost effective in the long run. Children who have hygienist appointments begin the highest standard of dental care young.

FGDP(UK) Dean Dr Mick Horton commenting on the HSCIC report, said;

“This report highlights the excellent work NHS dentists are doing in preventing dental disease and promoting good oral health.

“Despite this, it is worrying that almost 1 in 10 of treatments provided to children included extractions. It is clear that adults and children need to visit their dentist regularly to aid in the early detection of any problems and allow the Dental Care Team to give preventative advice and treatment where necessary. It is important that parents understand they have a responsibility to also improve the Dental Health of their children through regular dental appointments, good oral hygiene and following a low-sugar diet, recognising that together we can reduce the incidence of tooth decay.”

We are committed to the patient journey through all aspects of prevention including those who wish to address diet and tooth and body health.

Our dental practice and laboratory have both won countless awards; our on-site laboratory allows us to create same-day treatment plans and the optimum in specialist treatments.

We have created a multi-level membership scheme so you can receive the best value and we can encourage you to continually maintain your oral health.

All three levels include thorough examinations with one of our top clinicians, treatments with our award-winning hygienist, and x-rays. The Platinum Plan includes on-going 50% off whitening and the Diamond Plan includes a fully-functional, medical and aesthetic valuation and complete on-going teeth whitening programmes, thorough examinations with our leading practitioners, photographs and x-rays to help us detect any areas of concern. Additionally, our top-class hygienists will ensure you maintain healthy, clean teeth and gums and refer you if there are any concerns. Ultimate membership also includes teeth whitening.


Membership terms and conditions in short

Membership requires you to be dentally fit. So an initial examination will be required at the time or before you join, which can then be included in your membership, if passed. The contracts are for a minimum of 12 months. If your direct debit is cancelled before this time period, you will be required to pay back any discounts received. It is your responsibility to ensure you make appointments for dental examinations, but we will send you reminders too! Home-whitening top-up is available once every six months.

Implant and Ceramic Dental Studios Miserden

Implant & Ceramic Dental Studios Membership

Plan 1 – £17.15 per month

  • 2 x Checkups
  • 2 x Hygiene Appointments
  • All X-Rays
  • 10% Off Treatments

Plan 2 – £25.50 per month

  • 2 x Checkups
  • 4 x Hygiene Appointments
  • All X-Rays
  • 10% Off Treatments