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Endodontic Treatment and Re Treatment

Endodontic Re-Treatment and Treatment

Dr Giovarruscio has the patience, expertise and skill to work carefully, choosing the right magnification and tools unique to each individual tooth for every patient.

His high number of successful root treatments is exalted by his thorough screening process to eliminate high-risk cases and in so doing, protecting your practice from high-risk referrals and inferior outcomes. Dr Giovarruscio trains on the subject in Bristol through the Delta Dental Academy https://www.deltadentalacademy.co.uk/. He will be training from this facility from the Spring of 2020. To find out more, email:manager@ceramiccentre.com

Feedback from a Dentist in Cirencester (Corinium Dental Prac ), Dr Whittaker “. Dr Giovarruscio saved a tooth in my mouth that was condemned, and my root was cracked ”

The best alternative to having an implant placed is the original root itself, a healthy tooth root cannot be better than a root replacing implant. We cannot say an implant lasts longer than 10 years for a tooth-root replacement.

In a Study on Comparison of the Success Rate of Endodontic Treatment and Implant Treatment by Ranya Faraj Elemam and Iain Pretty. The overall success rates for primary endodontic, nonsurgical re-treatment, and surgical treatment were (86.02%), (78.2%), and (63.4%), respectively, implants was 90.9%. A choice between implant and endodontic therapy cannot be exclusively based on outcome as both treatments differ in the biological process, diagnostic modalities, failure patterns and patients preferences, see the link below:


What is better about saving a tooth is its natural shape and contours hold all your natural tissues where they should be and long term cleaning is far easier with much less aftercare required than an implant and if successfully treated will hold the bone better than an implant.

Evidence of a treatment success is down to time, experience skill and equipment used.

The proof is in successful Re-Treatment rates of a practitioner and self-explanatory.

Consultation                                      £100

Root treatment from                       £700

Additional Re-root treatment        £100

Ct Scan                                                £100

This is a form of treatment that is provided to roots that have already had root canal treatment on the same tooth in the past. Root canal treatment can become painful or diseased’ months or even years since the original treatment. Re-treatment is complex and not always possible – especially if a large post is present in the tooth.

Endodontic surgery
This is a procedure that helps to locate small fractures or hidden canals which were not detected by x-rays or previous nonsurgical root canal procedure. The procedure helps to remove any calcium deposits or to treat damaged root surfaces or the surrounding bone. A common surgical procedure that is undertaken is the apicectomy or root end resection. These services, provided best by an Endodontic Specialist.

Concerns over root canal treatments

Many people are worried about having a root canal as they have heard that the procedure is painful.  There is no reason to be anxious as specialists are trained to manage and deal with any pain.  Once the nerve is carefully removed from the tooth often under magnification, the procedures are generally painless.

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