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Fixed dental bridge pros and cons

  • A fixed dental bridge is created as crowns, replacing missing teeth by filing the adjacent teeth in order to create room and a permanent fixture in the mouth
  • There are many factors to consider before fitting a bridge: the patient’s bite, appearance and quality of gum and bone, and adjacent teeth
  • Pre-implant bridges are the best cosmetic procedure for missing teeth
  • The procedure has an extremely high success rate
  • The appearance is aesthetically natural
  • A very affordable option
  • The adjacent teeth form the support for the bridge crown, so they have to be filed and replaced with part-crowns. These will be more susceptible to decay, so regular check-ups and hygiene assessments are essential

There are some huge positives for choosing a bridge – it will last for at least seven to 15 years, creating your new ideal smile and giving you your confidence back, with minimal invasion on the enamel. As our team are all on-site, laboratory technicians and dentists work very closely together to ensure the best outcome for our patients.

The alternatives to having spaces filled with a bridge are implants and All-on-4ever, which have long-lasting benefits of bone stabilisation and restorative functions.




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