What does it mean to you to have a smile you can feel proud of? Would it mean you could relax more in social situations? Would you feel more confident at work? Perhaps it would give you the impetus to start dating again or maybe it would just mean you could look in the mirror and smile at your reflection, rather than frowning or trying to hide your missing teeth.

Dental Implants in GloucestershireReplacing lost teeth isn’t only about aesthetics and psychological wellbeing however. While not everyone is concerned by the odd missing tooth and carry on happily smiling or laughing whatever’s going on with their mouth, there are genuine medical reasons why it’s smart to replace even one lost tooth.

And if you are going to go for replacement teeth, dental implants in Gloucestershire are a good way to go. Implants provide highly functional restorations that not only look like natural teeth but behave like them too.

Let’s go back to those medical reasons for a moment: when a tooth is lost the jawbone loses density. The body believes bone is no longer needed at that location and so resorbs it to use the nutrients elsewhere. The upshot of this is that the face begins to sag and lose its structure and the integrity of the jawbone is compromised. Neighbouring teeth may start to drift into the gap and become loose over time.

If you have a missing tooth you may also start to bite or chew more on the opposite side to compensate. This causes uneven wear on the teeth and can also lead to premature tooth loss.

Dental implants in Gloucestershire are the only way to replace the root as well as the crown of the tooth. This new root becomes part of the structure of the body, which grows blood vessels and bone tissue around the implant. Not only does this secure it in place, giving you back full biting and chewing power, it also shores up the jawbone and the structure of the face.

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