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6 Front Crowns, 4 Back Veneers, concentrating  on tooth Preservation, Healing the Jaw Joint 

1. Before


This patient had her teeth crowned twice in the last decade with a different practice, she was not happy. The crowns were dense and bulky. She had a functional assessment and using diagnostics and temporaries she could take part in the design of her teeth.

The patients gum line was adjusted, she had all ceramic crowns fitted and decided to also veneer her posterior teeth.

Vasile Pana and the Technical Team

5 Front Top Veneers as you can see the gums were very inflamed , so needed hygienist first 

2. Before


This patient had periodontal disease, he had to improve his gum health with regular hygienist visits before we could proceed with any cosmetic treatment.

After non-invasive preparation of his teeth, the patient had five all ceramic veneers fitted with our Same Day Treatment option.

Visiting Dentist and the Technical Team

Grey Gums from Grey Root Canals and Metal Crowns Covered in Old Porcelain

3. Before


This patients’ right central incisor was failing, and he was going to lose the tooth. The patient decided to have a Same Day Implant placed as well as to change two of his old crowns. The aim was to achieve a healthier, more natural appearance as well as to reduce the grey colour to his gum caused by metal bonded restorations.

One implant and two all ceramic crowns placed on the same day.

Visiting Dentist and the Technical Team

Holistic Removal of Amalgams and New Four New Front Veneer Ceramic Crowns

4. Before


The patients’ anterior teeth were mismatched in colour and the shape made her appear older.

She had her four front teeth crowned with all ceramic restorations to match her remaining teeth and the change would be so subtle that only she would notice it and was comfortable.

Tim May and the Technical Team