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Referral, Implant Placement, Roger Moore

Referral, Implant Placement, Roger Moore

Dental Implants Placed and you Restore £1200…

Excluding bone grafting


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Straumann Ceramic Implants

Any System on request depending on quantities

Same Day Implant Full Loading Services



“I had a dental implant fitted approximately 3 years ago, the service was excellent and I have a perfect beautiful implant that matches my other teeth perfectly giving me the perfect smile I always wanted!”

Claire Crowther reviewed Implant & Ceramic Dental Studios — 5 star


“After a long history of dental complication, resulting from a childhood accident. I finally have a permanent set of fixed implants that not only feel strong and correct in my mouth, they also look great, just like a fine set of healthy teeth with new gum !

Thank you to all the team for their hard work and dedication.”

Dan Cooper 2019


Same-Day Service for fully restored Implants with the Lab available onsite and direct for you if you wish


Implants are the best alternative for:

  • Missing or failing teeth
  • Loose dentures
  • Gums with infection that have caused failing teeth
  • Our philosophy is  investing in a patient’s existing teeth, it is not always effective to have an implants as a long term solution

Alternatives to implants, not everyone can have them!

  • Add on teeth to existing implants
  • Add on teeth to existing crowns
  • Removal solutions with minimal soft tissue coverage for easy cleaning and implant fixings
  • Fixed All-on-4 Same Day fully loaded

Recommended Patient Journey for Diagnosis

  • After your Functional or Biological Evaluation and Prescription, we follow your Treatment Plan
  • Diagnose how much bone and what quality bone remaining and how many teeth it is best to replace in that existing bone site, providing a Report Treatment Plan £150.00 incl CT Scan
  • Decide on how best to harvest and save remaining bone without bone grafting prior to having a failing tooth extracted
  • Then we calculate what new occlusal load proposed for tooth treatment using simple dental design principles
  • Decide on a Treatment Program to stage a budget to achieve the chosen dental goal
  • Recommended to have back teeth replaced first so carrying the working load away from the front teeth
  • Lack of back tooth support will always need to be monitored more carefully as teeth can move and drop if they are left freestanding
  • Plan the make of implants to best support our goal, a key factor being long-term maintenance. Ceramic Implants (made from Zirconium oxide) and metal implants called Titanium implants they have advantages and disadvantages individual to individual biology
  • We then discuss sedation for the treatment
  • The amount of time you can invest into your treatment can influence your healing time, from Same-Day Treatments to long-term healing processes (up to 6 months for the implants to take into the bone properly), these all have advantages and disadvantages
  • Our principle is to save existing teeth but rid bone of all infections, in and around the site of implant placement

Our Comprehensive approach to true oral health

  • A Biological Diagnosis  is standard in most high street practices, we would recommend a Dental Mot as an independent referral appointment
  • A Functional Diagnosis will assess your jaw position relying on your existing tooth position, incorrect tooth position will carry this jaw position into a state of muscle and joint fatigue
  • A patient cannot always assume they have not looked after their teeth
  • If your jaw is out of line it can lead to many broken teeth and fillings, resulting in failing teeth over a period of time
  • Early symptoms would be obvious signs like clicking jaw joints and morning headaches
  • The strongest structure in your mouth will be your natural teeth, at best, any replacement will be reliant on a Functional Diagnosis to maximise the longevity of the tooth replacement
  • This can only ever be at best 80% as strong as a natural tooth
  • Implants can hold a single tooth or multiple teeth
  • A Same-Day Implant will hold all the contours of your gum and bone in the right place from the beginning and maximises essential blood flow around the healing implant
  • A one-stage surgery approach leads to the best tissue support and general oral well being

Immediate Implants, Less Time, Excellent Results!

An implant placed immediately is one surgical procedure and with the addition of localised Stem-Cell regrowth of bone and soft tissue, giving selected bone and soft tissues the quickest most pleasing recovery in days.

A consideration on the Same-Day Implant Treatment is dependent on how well the implant integrates to the bone on the day of placement and its class of bone density and initial attachment potential. This is an unpredictable entity on placement.

The award winning laboratory team with the handcrafted ceramic crown is essential for this service to deliver a smile at the end of the day .

Treatment Expectations

  • Patients can expect full participation and transparency with regard to their bespoke treatment plan
  • Having a 2 week reflective period before deciding on their chosen proposal with their chosen practitioner
  • Impressions are taken along with the necessary scans and all simulations and casts are manufactured onsite with a multidisciplinary team approach
  • Our state-of-the-art 3D imaging machine will ensure absolute precision, this is complimented with the same technology in the dental laboratory
  • How your patient feels is our priority, so aftercare and hygienist appointments are part your long-term commitment our treatment
  • Our dedicated on-site laboratory has won many awards for creating crowns of natural appearance. Colour shading, colour depth and cracks; all handcrafted fi you wish to adopt their services independently .

The skills of our leading Clinicians and Technicians means nobody needs to have missing teeth for more than a day or the length of an appointment.

From: Rita Bowser

“I would like to provide you with my feedback on the recent replacement of a crown, which had broken.

As you will recall, I am new to the area. I lost the crown during my move, and had a temporary fix put in place by dentistry. I was not happy with the work, and looked for another dentist that understood the importance of the technical and cosmetic solution.

Illume was that right dentistry. Sarah Moore and her associates reviewed the problem with me and discussed a range of options for the replacement crown. We agreed upon a solution, and Sarah then arranged for me to personally visit the Implant & Ceramic Centre Ltd for customising my crown. It was important that this crown be made just right – it was the interface between two other teeth of different shades – I referred to it as my “transition tooth.” TJ at the centre understood perfectly, and worked with me to not only have a comfortable fitting crown, but one that was the right shading (actually a variety of shades to look natural and transition). He shaded and fired the crown until we both thought it was just right. Sarah put it in place. After the first day or the rest of my life with it, I can tell you I am happy (those who know me will assure you that I don’t say that lightly).

My personal thanks to everyone at Illume and the Centre who took the care to make this experience a positive one.”


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