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Multi Disciplinary Dental Approach 2020

Multi Disciplinary Approach 2020

A Multidisciplinary Team Approach

This can involve our 12 professionals with their own expertise, is important in attaining optimal treatments. This may reduce costs, decrease length of treatment, increase longevity of results therefore producing in more sustainable treatments. This also improves compliance, and reduces long-term failure as well as improving aesthetics and function.

Our facility is a delightful destination venue – a barn conversion discreetly tucked away in the quaint Cotswold village and private estate of Miserden. (About 9 miles from the town of Cirencester.)

At ICDS, faultless communication between patients, our clinicians, and the laboratory, ensures a positive and beneficial journey through comprehensive diagnosis. We give you treatment alternatives so you get to choose what is best for you- from a holistic approach.

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Our clinicians have impeccable reputations as some of the best and most experienced in the country, acquired from across the world as well as Harley Street, London. We Have worked hard to win multiple awards, as well as European Accreditations. The space we have in our multi-level practice and laboratory is what gives us our exclusivity, differing from other dental practices.

We :

  1. Give our uninterrupted time to inform and provide you, as our patients, a real choice about your treatment
  2. Are able to provide you with all potential solutions to the problems you may be having, giving you the ultimate choice of what treatment will work for you. Relaxation during the treatment process is a priority
  3. Offer the best possible outcomes in restoring your smile and confidence. We offer a prompt treatment planning with a clear timeline tailored for you. To hear what our patients have to say, read our patient testimonials.
  4. Aim to offer you the most supportive and cost-effective treatment with the fewest procedures providing you with the best experience you will have in dentistry
  5. Know position, is discrete and relaxing, making us convenient to most of The Cotswolds with easy free parking
  6. Treat all forms of dentistry from implant treatments to orthodontics and headache solutions are available
  7. Have added our facial aesthetics team, to compliment your smile

“I would like to say a huge thank you to all the staff at Implant & Ceramic Dental.”

“After numerous visits to the doctors and being told my headaches were just migraines I did not think that visiting your studios would relieve the pain. Having finally found the cause of the problem being my teeth, your efficiency and promptness to resolving my headaches was excellent.

I just want to say a huge thank you, I cannot recommend you enough.”

Antony Ong

Why is a Multidisciplinary Approach

Association of Dental Implantology UK Dentist Miserden Gloucestershire
Private Dentistry Awards Dentist Miserden Laboratory UK
Dental Awards Miserden Dentist Laboratory Gloucestershire
Vita Vita Masterlabs Dentist Laboratory Miserden Cotswolds

 “After many years of painful and uncomfortable dentures, NHS and private, I found this place, from the moment I walked in I knew my troubles were over. Tj and his team ( especially Silke ) went out of their way to help me smile again , they actually listened to my problems with my dentures, although not always easy as my English is not that good, I now eat all the foods I’ve been avoiding for years , words cannot express how thankful I am , cannot recommend this place highly enough x️”
Sudjai Phaophong

Case Study

“At 22, Marylyn had her wisdom teeth extracted under general anaesthetic- Swelling for 6 months and an inability for her to close her mouth for that period.” 

Result: logical self-referral to a doctor who prescribed paracetamol for years until, at 57, after a life of headaches and pain, she was then tired of morphine. No diagnosis, apart from assumptions, both psychological and biological. The cause was never considered in a multidisciplinary approach.

 “Marylyn resorted to the internet and self-referred herself to a headache specialist at 55 in Germany. They prescribed removing her temporalis muscles surgically and her symptoms continued at the nerve endings of the muscles that remained. No different to removing a muscle around a thorn that is infected and leaving the thorn firmly in place.

On coming into our practice and after 10 minutes with an anterior deprogrammer, her symptoms subsided and her life began with a huge reduction in her symptoms, given the long-term TMJ disc damage irreversible. If only she had been referred by the right professionals at the right time, if only it was established she was in the 20% of patients that are unable to adapt to dental occlusal intervention from a holistic approach. She believed and trusted that she was going to the right people, but without an interdisciplinary disciplinary/Holistic approach, our health care system let her down. The question is can we make her responsible? If not? Who is?”

Marylyn Gough

“Fantastic, friendly and bespoke dental studios, I visited for some treatment and advice. I found the whole experience very reassuring, the staff extremely friendly and considerate, parking was no problem, and only a pleasant 20 min drive out of Cheltenham with adequate parking, I was very happy with the reward of a bright & clean smile at the end.

I have been provided with a dental plan typed up as I left and the price was affordable – a must for anyone thinking of dental treatment give these guys ago, I can see why this place wins awards.
Warmest regards ”

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