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Dental Mot

The Importance of a Dental MOT in Saving Your Teeth

What do most people want and expect of their own teeth?

Quite simply, people expect to keep their own teeth healthy, comfortable, functional and aesthetic for their entire lives, this could be nine decades or more. That is quite a contrast to people fifty years ago who often expected to lose their teeth by their forties and spend the rest of their lives wearing plastic dentures.

What can you do without appropriate professional dental help?

As strict educated cleaning program.

What does it take to optimise the chances of achieving your ideal dental goals?

It has to be a combination of excellent home oral hygiene and good regular preventative dental care and maintenance within a dental practice.

Dentistry never fails overnight! Early signs are plane to see.

The answer is in maintaining a plaque-free mouth with balanced forces shared by all your teeth and remaining teeth, leading to strong healthy teeth in harmony with your jaw joint that will stand the test of time.

To wait until it is no longer sore is too late! That means the root is dead. If a tooth is beginning to break, it is an early warning sign we can act on the same with receding gums.

Save your teeth following a careful plan and spare yourself plenty of heartache and dental anxiety in the future.

Steps to a Dental Mot

Recommended Package…

This includes a Biological Examination and Functional Diagnosis of all your teeth as an all-inclusive package.

  1. First  your teeth are assessed and cleaned under your gums by the hygienist, any conclusions are reported directly to start your MOT REPORT
  2. Any amalgam removal potential discussed
  3. You see the dentist who will decide on the list below
    • CT Scan to assess your bone volume and quality
    • Biological Examination (standard)
    • Assess the strength of remaining dental repairs
    • Functional examination to ascertain jaw balance to equalise forces to your jaw joint and protect your teeth for the future
    • Assess degree of general tooth wear
    • Provide a report with immediate dental health recommendations for a biological 8 -10 year period

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