If you just had dental implants, you may be aware that you need to be careful about your diet for a few weeks. Your dentist has recommended soft food and drinks and you should also avoid very hot or very cold food because the implant sites will be sensitive. But what is a soft food diet exactly and why is it important when having dental implants in Gloucestershire?

Dental Implants in GloucestershireAt Implant & Ceramic Dental Studios, we will be by your side throughout the entire process of dental implants and we will give you advice on your diet after implant surgery. Dental implants in Gloucestershire have to undergo a process known as ‘osseointegration’ in order to be stabilised into the jawbone and act as replacement tooth roots. During this period you should be careful of your diet, your oral hygiene and avoid contact sports or other activities that could cause harm to your mouth.

Is a soft diet as scary as it sounds?

A diet consisting of soft food and beverages should be neither scary nor restrictive. You will simply have to eat foods that don’t require any chewing for a few weeks to ensure that your implants heal properly. During this period, you will have to avoid sticky, chewy and hard foods such as whole fruit, vegetables, sweets and corn on the cob. Tough foods that require repetitive chewing are also not recommended. Each diet is different and will depend on the number of dental implants your dentist has used to restore your teeth sas well as your specific dental problem. Soft foods such as eggs, pasta, smoothies and fruit sauces are all great examples of appropriate foods to consume while your dental implants in Gloucestershire heal.

Why is this diet important?

To help you understand why this diet is so important, you should ask your dentist about the process of osseointegration. After this process is successfully completed, you will be able to chew and bite properly again. However, your dentist will need to check periodically on the progress of your dental implants to ensure that everything works well.

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