When you suffer from headaches on a regular basis it can be tempting to assume it’s just stress and keep on knocking back the painkillers. This can work for a while, but painkillers are not a long-term solution. You need to turn detective and see if you can find out what is causing your headaches, and then remedy the cause.

Dentist in GloucestershireAt Implant & Ceramic Dental Studios, we know that a lot of headaches start with the jaws and the way they line up. Have you ever thought about bringing your headaches along to the dentist in Gloucestershire to find out if we can help get rid of them?

Why your jaws might be to blame

The jaws are meant to line up correctly so that the teeth on each jaw meet together with their partner on the opposing jaw. When one jaw juts out in front of the other, this can set up a strain in the jaw joint. The medical name for this joint is the temporomandibular joint, or the TMJ for short.

TMJ disorders are pretty common and often result in pain in the joint, the teeth and up into the head and down into the neck and shoulders. Muscles can get strained and even go into spasm. You may even be grinding your teeth at night.

At Ceramic & Implant Dental Studios, we can remedy your headaches with about 20 minutes of minor trimming. We then also fit you with a little bite raiser, which is made of acrylic, which you need to wear for a few weeks in order to realign your bite. It doesn’t take long to get used to wearing the bite raiser.

Save your teeth

If you do suffer from TMJ disorders and you are grinding your teeth at night, your teeth will eventually start to split and break under the strain. Getting help means that you will hang onto your teeth for longer, whereas if they break up due to bruxism, they may not be so easy to replace with dental implants, which also may not be able to stand the strain of grinding.

If you’d like to know more, do give our dentist in Gloucestershire a call.