Dental implants are the only solution for full restoration of the entire tooth. The implant will act like your tooth root and the crown, bridge or denture will replace your tooth. Dental implants are designed to be easily inserted into your jawbone during a simple surgery, however it’s the material it is made from that makes them so successful. They are made from titanium, which has unique properties that encourage natural growth of your jawbone and blood vessels. Since it’s a biocompatible, non-corrosive, no-irritant metal that is incredibly strong and resilient, they also provide a tooth replacement solution that is long lasting and secure.

Dental Implants in GloucestershireEnsuring you have a healthy jawbone

Since a dental implant’s success is dependent on your jawbone tissue growing over its surface to secure it in place, it’s important that your jawbone is healthy. You may need some preparatory work carried out before having your surgery to fit your dental implant in Gloucestershire. At the Implant & Ceramic Dental Studios, we have a special interest in dental implants, having our own laboratories on site and a team of dedicated dental staff. This means you can either receive your preparatory work with your own dentist or we can carry this out for you at the clinic. Either way, by coming to our clinic to receive your treatments and dental implants, you will receive professional, quality care in a quick efficient manner.

Why receive dental implants in Gloucestershire

There’s a number of reasons, one of them is, of course, the great location of our clinic. Set in the rambling countryside, you couldn’t ask for a more relaxed environment to receive your implants. In addition, our clinic boasts a highly professional dentist who has a special interest in dental implants; our own Mr TJ Nicholas has advised and trained over 300 UK practitioners in dental implantology.

With our onsite laboratory, replacement teeth such as crowns, bridges or dentures can be crafted on the same day as your implants are placed. Thanks to our technical understanding, knowledge and experience, your tooth replacements will look and feel completely natural. With the correct approach and planning of your treatment journey, it’s possible to receive your dental implants and tooth replacements within one visit.